Options for developing side yard of residential property

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Greetings listmates:

I have a residential side yard at my residence that is about 90' long x 40' wide in Las Vegas. It is located in unincorporated Clark County and does not have an HOA. The site is pretty much fenced in desert and I am looking for ideas on how to better utilize it.

Ideally, I would am looking for options on using the site to rent out as an apartment or similar.  I have thought about using a converted container that has been adapted for use as a rental space or, possibly a trailer, etc, or even new construction, but I have no idea what kind of cost I would be looking at.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


@John Ryan I like the way you think.

I just wrote a book to answer your question.

But real quick, you're off to a good start by looking at storage. For your area, consider temperature controlled storage as well.

Depending on the population density of your area, you should also consider becoming a tiny U-Haul dealership. It's free to set up and you can limit operation hours however you'd like.

Hope that helps. Happy hunting.

Al Williamson is your book available for purchase yet? Last I checked it was still in the works.

Yep, kindle and paperback available on amazon. 

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