Land in Andersonville, Tn

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Did a search for this town and nothing comes up on the whole site so here it goes.  My grandmother own's two acres across the road from Norris lake and a log cabin kit from Lincoln logs international out of Kannapolis, Nc. I was hoping that someone on here from that area could work out a deal where they could build it and sell it all together for what I am hoping maximum profit.  Better than trying to sell each individually which hasn't worked for the past few years.  My grandpa traded it a long time ago and died before he did anything with it and my grandma is not into taking any risk at all and has it on the market down there (we live in central ohio) so I can't be very active in that area so I'm using the Bigger pockets site. Haven't had any luck with just the empty plot on the market.  If you wish to google it, it's at the corner of Park dr and Hogohegee Dr on the west side of Park dr. In google earth you can barely see a small building and open area that's it, don't know if the building is still there.

IF it doesnt get picked up on BP, let me suggest this.

Advertise it in both Cleveland and Cincinnatti (bigger towns near you) on CL, as a vacation or resort land suitable for building your dream cabin.  City dwellers love the idea of a escape area.

To your success


Hey Joshua. This is something I could potentially be interested in.  I live in Knoxville about an hour and a half away.  But I know nothing about log cabin kits.  Do you know the numbers as far as value of the land and value of the kit?

as of 10/14/14 appraised value is $54,000 land value is $48,600 and she is asking $40,000 for it. The log cabin kit is from she is basically a dealer for them. My grandpa started it bought the rights to a certain kit for a friend and they never did anything with it and when my grandpa died it went to my grandma's name and she has tried to offer it to people but they never take it. It's value is $56,700 suggested retail price but whoever is interested can choose whatever model house they want. Then the logs are cut and shipped to site to be built, doesn't come with doors windows etc.

So it sounds like your Grandfather paid for kit but never chose a model and accepted delivery , correct ? Are you offering the land and kit as a package sale ? Or just would like someone to build the cabin and profit share the sale with you ?

@Payton either deal will work just want it sold. Just figured building the house on the property would make more money for both parties. And thanks Matt greatly appreciated.  I just figured there would be more than a couple people asking me questions by now. And anyone interested or wants to call me about it send a message I'll give my phone number.