Hi everyone,

I am a senior in university and my final semester requires us to write a thesis type paper (research paper with "significant original contribution" to the topic) and so I was hoping to spend this time researching and building on a topic that we all enjoy, real estate development/transformation.

The requirements are really open-ended so I was wondering if anyone here might have some interesting ideas/prompts/questions to write about in the subject of real estate development/transformation. I'm thinking to mainly focus on the European office markets where lots of transformations were established. It will take about 5 months to complete and be anywhere from 50-100 pages so I can really dig deep into the topic. I would be glad to share the final product at the end of the semester as well if anyone is interested.

I am posting this not only for my benefit, but to benefit anyone else that is interested in a topic and would like some research and data.

Thank you in advance for any help or direction!