5 Plex cost per square/ft in Burien?? R18 zoning

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Hello, I am at a road that goes 2 ways. I have a property I purchased short sale for a good price. The property is near Burien, R18 zoning.  Just shy of  1/3 acre.

I can do a 5 Plex, single dwelling multi family w/o short platting.

I am Interested in construction costs for per square foot. I have heard 75$ to 250. 

I am not committed to anything at the moment. But I could turn the property into a duplex fairly soon. But do not want to continue the duplex renovation if it may be torn down or sold. 

I have mentors, but I am also not helpless. I'm the house on the property. 

Happy Halloween 🎃

I have no idea.  My only thought is that a 4-plex is still considered a residential loan (as I understand it), while a 5-plex becomes a commercial loan (as I understand it).  That might make a difference in what you want to do.  Also, it might make a difference in how easy it is to sell.  You might find it easier to sell a 10 unit property than a 5 unit one just because a newbie (perhaps more interested in 5 units) might have a harder time getting a commercial loan, but a serious investor (perhaps more likely to be interested in 10 units) might have no problem getting a loan on a 10 until property. 

These are just my thoughts.  Good luck!

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