Seed Capital innovative growth techniques?

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Can anyone here share any innovative strategies for growing seed capital towards your down payment more quickly?

There are quite a few innovative tech startups now offering savings apps, they round up and save the excess on every purchase you make. Seems like a great way to grow your savings with minimum effort, allowing you to focus more on making that money. 

You may also wish to look at credit card financing for your seed capital requirements. I have been hearing of a lot of success in that department lately.

Reduce living expenses, particularly vehicle and smoking/drinking. Massive change to the budget with these considerations held. Your seed capital will flourish. 

I am a firm believer in the budget and health saving powers of the bicycle. Seriously, why drive in an urban environment? Public transport and bicycle lands mean you can yourself the biggest of holes in your funds, the motor vehicle. Your seed capital will grow in no time. 

I keep my debts and debits meticulously recorded on paper ledger. That way, I know that whenever an impulse buy is made, I will need to spend time documenting and justifying it on the ledger. This genuinely makes me think twice about buying that second coka-cola. Your pocket money grows very quickly when you don't spend it!

Sunlight and Water? 

All up to personal discipline and spending habits. Your first investment will be difficult to finance, but so long as you find success, things will get easier from there. 

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