Exec. Summary Templates for Land Development Project Needed!

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Does anyone have a sample or template of an Executive Summary for a Land Development project? Or know where I could find one? I have Googled myself into frustration mode and can't seem to find a thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please email me directly if possible at [email protected] Thanks in advance!

I will give you a link for a source for what you want. www.realeydata.com.

I use all the software offered at this site. The price is very fair compared to the options. They treat development to include construction of house and commercial buildings. The one thing that do not have is the market prices.

David Carter

Originally posted by "cartdavi":
I will give you a link for a source for what you want. www.realeydata.com.

David - It seems that the site you mentioned is not working.

true...i tried it last night and i think it is supposed to be


Is the excec summary for a loan package?

If so, just simply write out the highlights for the project.

i.e. Enclosed, with this summary are detailed schedules, cost estimates and revenue projections for "my big bad *** project name" that is XXX acres featuring XXX Lots that will generate $XXXX over the next X years.

Then go into the size of the lots, how much of a loan you will need for the entire project...how it breaks down per parcel, what the FMV is after build out is, what the bank's LTV rate would be, etc...make it short and to the point...you want to grab their attention not bore them with details...the details should be in your packet.

Maybe highlight the fact that it is contracted to purchase during pre-construction. tell them who the purchaser is and what sort of projects that they have done, etc.

But before you can even write this sort of summary you need to be able to prepare a cash flow projection over the life of the project that can capture all of these variables and to be able to address any and all equity requirements, loan requirements, etc. the last thing you want is for the bank to start asking you questions, you know nothing about...makes them real hestitant in providing a loan, even though it still might be a good deal for them

Hope this helps.