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I've posted many times about my house in Redding, CA. It's a 4600 sq. ft. house with 2500 Garage/shop building that has full kitchen, bathroom. I am converting it to ADU unit for additional legal rental income. In addition, it's on 20 acres, and can have 1 more house built on it. The property is close to a new ministry school with 3000 students (no dorms) that is doing a 96 MILLION dollar expansion. Aside from that Redding is a BEAUTIFUL area with lakes, rivers, mountains, falls all within 10-30 minutes of my house. The County is doing a new zoning in the next few months (brought about by my property) that will allow boarding houses.

I've considered so many different uses over the years for the property. Bed and Breakfast, Student rentals (which I've done) Sober Living (which is currently in there) Agritourism with farm, roadside stand, etc., Vacation Rental property, and most recently Senior Living home for active seniors that want to live in nice setting, but don't want upkeep or expense of their own home. 

Here's one of the ideas I came across that would work for a variety of uses (students, seniors, vacation, shared living) Apparently they are considered one home because there's only one kitchen (I guess that's the determining factor? )

What do you think? Do any of you have any ideas, or know of any that are out of the box?


The idea is very cool.

Planning in this County though has been on the look out for Airbnb style rentals because it is currently on their radar. I would speak with planning as soon as possible to see if they will view this "code-hack", as the architect states, the same way.

Are you planning to live close by? Looks as if you're in Oregon now, so, what your plans will be about managing also has an effect. The more independant tenants you have living in the house, the more management intensive it's going to be. 

@Josh Cuthbertson I've run it by the Planning manager,but haven't received an answer yet . They are however; looking at some zoning changes and a General Plan change that would allow a boarding house on properties such as mine (it makes sense with unique location) the biggest drawback to any development in County is the new septic code that comes into effect at the end of May. I've heard of several agents losing sales because septic is going to cost 20,000+! 

Do you guys ever have anyone wanting to do shared housing (students, seniors, etc.) ? If so, the Planners would like some support from community in the way of letters etc. to take to Planning Commission and BOS. 

I have my septic permit, for ADU, just waiting for ground to dry out enough. However; impact fees are 8400!! Even though it's already built and has utilities, septic, etc. Crazy!

@Michaela G. If I did the active senior living concept, I'd move to my house and retire there. 

I also like the cottage communities by Ross Chapin My thinking is that in many areas of CA where crime is out of control, etc. restoring a sense of community, with interaction among neighbors, safe areas for kids, etc. makes sense. They can be set up for mixed ages, or seniors . Homes can be anything from tiny homes to larger ones. 

I have set up a creative community in connected duplexes that i bought in a D neighborhodd.

People coming from all over Atlanta because they love to live in a community with other creatives. I have a completely different tenant pool than what the neighborhood normally has.

What do you consider "creatives" and how are you able to limit tenants to such a group? @Michaela G.


I don't descriminate against ethnicity or age or skin color or family status or country of origin or sexuality.....we have a total mix of everything. 

Everybody applying has the same criteria......are they following a dream of being active in a creative field? They usually have a fulltime job to pay their bills, but their creative field can't just be a hobby.

Have you seen these? 

Housing capsule Maybe this would help California and other states deal with the homeless problems. 

There's so many creative ideas for prefabs

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