Advice for What to do With a Barn

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My family has recently purchased a home in Storrs, Connecticut, and I am looking for what to do with its enormous barn:


It is close to a big college campus and the winters hit hard. I would like to invest into it to turn it into an asset and have some cash flow in from it.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

Hello @Diego Carrero , I live right in Vernon. Typically I can get anywhere from 50-200 for storage on having an extra garage spot or barn. But that looks like it has seen better days. And typically, you will have a lot of mouse problems, so someone looking to rent it might just need some tractor storage? 

But if you're thinking residential rental, speak with the town of Storrs first. I assuming septic and well? 

I agree with student rentals, very large pull around Uconn.