Charlotte NC rentals

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I need help ! One of my tenant moved out, after 7 years . I wanted to know what is the next step. Do you know of any contractors in the area ? Im frustrated because i live in Boston and the rentals are in Charlotte NC . I owned 4 SF. How much are turnover fee normally runs? My PM send me many pics, looks trashed. Anyone knows what is the PM roles in situations like mine. Thanks

Your PM should have contractors that they recommend, this is the reason why you have a PM!!!!

Go over your PM contract, contract should state what are your turnover fees they vary by PMs..

Some will charge 50% first month rent as Finder fees other might charge full month rent.

Concerning your question, PM role varies by companies. Typically they will handle the turnover, recommend Contractors send you quotes and you decide to go forward or not. 

If you're not happy with your PM in CLT I can suggest mines, Im an OOS investor as well and Im very happy w my PM company in CLT..