Owner Builder Funding Help

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I am trying to do an owner builder construction project but am told no one does a loan without a GC. I was wondering what my options are? We own the land and will have completed plans ready to build in August. Loan amount would be $350-400K. We own a home with equity already but not enough to equal the project cost. We also plan on renting that home for more income.  

Thanks for any help.

We are building in Mesa, AZ.

@CHris Markle you are correct most lenders will not allow you to self perform. You will need to shop some local banks to see if one will lend without a GC.

If you don’t want to go the turnkey route you could seek out a GC that will do a limited construction management/consultant agreement for a smaller fee. 

In this scenario they pull the permits, act as GC for the bank and act as your consultant. You manage the subs and pay all the bills. 

You also need to make sure your state allows this type of arrangement.