Bungalow new build in Kansas City Mo 64108

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@Jonathan Popoalii

This will depend on a lot of different factors.

1) level of spec -  is this for rental or resale?

2) square footage - a rambler, two story, or split-level, etc?

3) amount of sitework required - Does the site needs to be cleared, graded, old house torn down?

4) sewer or septic - drain field will add a cost

5) Are utilities already on site or will they have to be brought in?

People like to throw around numbers like "I built this place for $100/ft" and other statements like that. While these numbers are fine and probably accurate, they are really easy to determine after the project is completely but much harder to determine ahead of time.

In my area, there are several home builders that will give you a price based on building a specific house on your prepared site. You might search around for one of those in the area you are investigating. That should help give you some numbers to start with. Then you will need to work out rest of the costs associated with preparing your site. Then add 15-20% and you should have a good idea of the costs.