What are the best questions to ask when hiring a Developer

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Originally posted by @Alisha Decoteau :

When pursing to develop a neighborhood revitalization project what are the most essential questions to ask a Developer or Construction company.

You would generally put out an RFQ. Each interested party would have to meet the qualifications listed in the RFQ and submit credentials to support their ability to perform. You can probably find an RFQ that has been put out by your city for other projects to see how they look and what they contain. 

RFQ's are generally going to have info requests for job specifics rather than info on the contractor itself. So in addition to that, I would be asking for references, a list of previous completed jobs over the last 1-3 years and follow up on your due diligence looking into each of your potential contractors to complete your development project. If they can showcase several previous work sites and provide a good list of referrals from previous happy clients, that is a great start on your part and theirs.