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Travel nurse interested in Real estate investing

Posted Jan 27 2022, 17:06

Hello! My name is Jackie. In the past, I was a staff RN of 3 years and have been a travel nurse for the last year. I am very interested in starting out in the real estate investing in the near future. Specifically, I am interested in short term and long term rentals. I do not own any property as of yet. I am a Southern California native  however I am a South Carolina resident as I went to school and worked there for 5 years. I hope to eventually buy my first home in California close to family, however I am open to other locations. 

 I am looking to connect with any other travel nurses and other members who can give some insight on how to go about investing as a traveler in regards to getting approved for a loan not having a substantial amount of taxable income. 

Currently I am doing my research and learning the basics of investing. I am extremely open minded and looking to learn all that I can. Any and all advice would be helpful! Thanks so much.

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