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How to buy someone out of a property with an outside investor?

Posted Jun 29 2022, 04:57


Looking to crowdsource some proposal scenarios.  I own a minority stake with my brother in a property that has greatly appreciated.  I won't qualify for a mortgage on the new amount on my own and don't have additional funds to put in, however I can manage the entire project, including building an A.D.U.  There is great opportunity for continued appreciation with the A.D.U., landscaping, maybe a pool, etc. and then rent both the main unit and the A.D.U.  The scenario would ideally include profit sharing / renting out one or both units but it could also include selling the property at a given point in time.  And could this proposal include myself living in the main unit or the A.D.U.? (It doesn't have to but it would be nice).

New York City, New York

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