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@Dan Bass I've looked at Topeka before I chose Wichita. I went to school at Washburn and my thoughts and numbers are pretty thin in Topeka. Not that there isn't some opportunity, but investing from afar, I don't really have the chance to get a crew that can do the rehab on the homes that I think would turn a profit. 

Speaking of questions on property. Has anyone else looked at the duplexes on Meadow Creek cir. in Wichita. There's a number of them that are selling 3 bed and 2 bed. And seem to be moderately priced. What am I missing here, feel like those are a good deal. Any insight would be great!! 

 That's not exactly an up and coming area -- I'd research who built them - can likely find that by going to the SG County Recorded Docs site or by seeing who pulled the permits during const -- Wichita has been on a duplex building boom -- look at the tax value -- They probably have that or less in it on the build - I also doubt they were built to be quality long term -- things such as the trim/cabinets etc -- they all look like the cheapest stuff a guy could buy - if the cabinets aren't oak and there is MDF or pine trim and pre-hung doors with engineered wood jams I'd run.  

2-3 yrs ago for $180k -205 or so you could buy duplexes in Maize, Kechi, Valley center all day to builders that were selling them off to investors - not worth that in that area.