🔥Two weeks ago I made $1,400 today in the stock market.🔥
I am not a big advocate for the stock market because there are so many intangibles.
I do however own some stocks. A very small amount. I bought them when I was working some ridiculous hours in the squadron and did not have time to watch them.
I quickly learned that they are not passive.
They fell so low that it did not make sense selling them so I held on to them.
I made $1,400 two weeks ago but I am still 16% down overall (no capital preservation in the stock market) and that 16% does not take into consideration inflation over the years.

This is why, 👉🏽like you the busy professional,👈🏽 I prefer more secured assets like multifamily real estate.
Multifamily real estate is a 👉🏽Tangible asset that offers 👉🏽Capital Preservation and
👉🏽Significant Tax Benefits for your 👉🏽Passive Income.
The creation of a solid business plan helps to 👉🏽Edge Against Inflation and provide 👉🏽High Yield Returns.
🔥👉🏽 when done right, your passive income could be completely tax-free.👈🏽🔥
More importantly, multifamily real estate provides a basic life necessity for millions of families.