<<Here's Why>>

1). It's where the customers are --> Because your prospective clients are almost all online, you can reach a much wider audience that you would with any other form of marketing.

2). Competitors are Doing it --> If you’re going to compete, you have to be where the action is. And since the majority of your competitors are probably already marketing online, if you aren’t there you face being sidelined and reduced to irrelevance.

3). (If done correctly) It is more Cost Effective & Effective than ANY other form of marketing --> Highly effective local & targeted Facebook campaigns can be set up for as little as $2-5/per day. If you are serious about your REI business, this is nothing. A 2012 study by HubSpot showed that companies focused on inbound (read: online) marketing have a lower cost per lead of 61% compared with those who still use traditional methods.

4). It is HIGHLY Scaleable --> If you spend $1/per click ($1 is relatively high for cpc) and you buy 1000 clicks. You spent $1K. Lets say I set you up with a website that converts at 40% opt-in. That is 400 leads on your list. You are bound to get at least 1-3 deals from that many targeted motivated leads. The best part is, you can still market to and follow up with all the other people on your email list with a drip marketing campaign

If you are interested in marketing online. I have a post in the market place here. Service offering squeeze pages + optimized PPC campaigns to attract leads to what ever area, you want. check it out!