When it comes to funding projects I use Private Funding. It took a lot of networking and proving that I know what I am talking about. I went to a lot of education programs and REIA meetings.

I now fund all my buy n hold projects and rehabs with private funding. I put in about 5% of the money so I have something invested in the project. The funds are protected by a mortgage and a note and at the end of the day the investors are investing in me. I will protect there money as if it were my grandmothers.

I purchase, rehab, put a tenant in the property and refi the property (BRRRR). Its about a 120 day process. I use commercial loans for residential properties mostly single family. It keeps me from putting up 20-25% of my money. The refi is usually at 80% LTV because I make sure the Debt service Ratio is around 1.70 - 2.0.

I hope this will encourage some people to be creative in your deals and to become successful in your real estate investing.

If I can help feel free to PM me.

Good Luck.