Hey Everyone!

I was wondering what are your thoughts and experienes of using a Contractor instead of an inspector as your initial "home inspection"? In any case I would personally follow the rule of thumb and have an inspector come in and inspect, however, when does it make sense to save the money on an inspector and have your contractor come out and look at the property instead??

I currently have a contractor who is great. Seems like he does everything an inspector can do and in addition to that he conveniently provides quotes so it's like having 2 in 1. My current contractor has diagnosed and found legitimate issues with my property that my inspector wasn't capable of doing, which in the end has cost me money I could've negotiated up-front for my current property. Honestly I think my contractor would've been well worth the money I paid my inspector. I was just pondering, and had the thought of why pay an inspector hundreds of dollars when I can just have my contractor come out and look at the property?? Does it make more sense to have both an inspector and contractor depending on the condition of the property, size, etc? 

Please share your thoughts!! I'm in the process of searching for a condo and/or townhome now that's in moderate to turn-key condition (on the surface). It'll be my primary residence for 1 or 2 years. I'm starting to believe my contractor would be much better at giving me a more in depth look at my property. OR it could be that my previous inspector wasn't any good.