I am working on a deal where a widow is selling off their rental portfolio.  Several have high mortgage balances with little equity. This is where the creative financing comes in to play! With not much equity, I was thinking of doing a wrap. However, 1 loan is a Heloc, 1 is conventional and 1 is a blanket mortgage (my head is hurting!lol)...can I do a wrap on a Heloc and a blanket?! And further more, can I even do creative financing with houses that are still in probate?? With a wrap, the loans would stay in the Estates names until the end buyer refinances. So, is that an issue with being able to close the estate? 

Being that she's an investor, I feel for her and her situation.  I'm usually a cash buyer that wholesales here and there. All of those have been pretty straight forward though!!! So this one has me stumped!!!!!!