Recently I’ve had the honor of getting into an assignment that will immediately teleport you back to the 1920’s. This residential archeological find was covered in overgrown foliage, memories of the good ol days. It boasts a front porch to die for, with ornate crown molding that dancing all around the exterior of the structure. With all of its grandeur, it has proven to be the hardest contract to date to find its new rehab partner/investor. This poor beauty has been sitting on the market waiting for that special person to swipe right, but they’ve all swiped left.

The problem is this, she sitting right smack dab in the middle of a historic district in Dallas, TX called Winnetka Heights. Not too sure if you’re familiar with the Dallas permits department or planning commission, but they are as slow as molasses can get. An investors nightmare🔪. So, investors walk in hopeful, then run out in extreme terror.

But, if they've gave me enough time to explain before jetting out of sight, I'd be able to tell them That numbers don't lie. It's current value = 3.141592653589793, buuuuttt after $100k Worth Of Rehab, you'll have an ARV of almost $500k.

Anybody have any pointers to find investors who don’t mind taking it nice & slow & who don’t mind a little bit longer engagement? P.S. I’m not talking about my love life. Lol


Desperately Seeking An Investor For Susan