Good Afternoon BP family,

Hope everyone is thriving and still learning for a better future.

Im looking to BRRR A commercial multifamily that looks like renovations were started but ran out of funds. Interior down to studs and has been vacant for a year. Great location and less than a mile from a Hospital.

Property was listed on market prior to pandemic but was removed do to access difficulties for potential buyers, Even though I was able to find a way in and document most work needed. Lender Has held note over ten years prior to last purchaser in 2009 and still holds after last Llc forfeited. Im looking to purchase, rehab and hold but would like to discuss options with lender and make it a performing asset before speaking with Lenders I already work with. Does anyone have advice or experience on how to go about doing so the proper way?? 

PS. I do have funds for A down payment