Jumped the paralysis phase and purchased my 1st primary home. I wanted to get my foot in the process and just start "knowing" a bit already about the ins of real-estate. So why not start with my own home? After the "some-what" home buying education, I want to jump into Multi-family rentals. It just makes sense(I may be wrong). What would be best to start aligning 1st, the Financials? (I have a bit of savings, I have a available LOC, I have a 740+ credit score, I have credit cards and one with out a limit(i capped myself at 30k) for emergencies) opportunities? I'm seeing over a dozen "potential" investments in my area. Appraisals? Contractors? Realtor(not sure who would be best or who just wants their quick commissions)?

Hard Money lenders(i contacted a few and got just general rates, point quotes etc.)?

Just really curious/eager what line to place my feet and start the marathon from.