I’m currently trying to buy my Great Grandfathers home for 120k. This is a complicated situation. My Great grandmother ( by law ) is currently living there and is not the current owner though she has a life of state on the home so she can remain there. She was tricked to transfer the title to her daughter. Whom died unexpectedly and transferred it to her two daughters. They are actively trying to get my grandmother to move out so they can sell it out from under her. Keep in mind this is not my immediate family.

My plan is to purchase the home and with the help of my immediate family to take care of my grandma and allow her to live there drama free with no worries.

I’m currently 20 with no investment experience nor have I ever bought a home. So far what I’ve been told is I can not use any traditional loans nor do I have a massive 20% down payment for the home. Any info would be great! Thanks!