i spoke to a couple title agency and they all have the same costs, but they all ask me if i want to do a CURRENT OWNER SEARCH or more....im under the impression that all i need is a current owner search correct considering the property im speaking of has been owned by the same guy for 32 years. if the title company searches the property and disclose all liens against the property and im ok with assuming these burdens and we move forward to close, the insurance i purchase will garauntee that there will be nothing other that can be imposed on the property???

if title company says, there are 4k in liens against the house and i decide i am ok with that burden and im willing to pay/negotiate purchase price, would i not be responsible if a mysterious 7800k judgement came out of the woodwork? or it depends on when the 7800 judgement was imposed, before the current owner took ownership (32 years ago)