Hello there,

Looking for feedback from real estate investment experts!

A tech friend of mine pitched me on an interesting business he’s launching in the real estate investment space and asked for my input as a former developer. His company can be found here (though it's still in stealth mode).

The concept he walked me through combines crowdfunding with real estate investment in the short term rental space, leveraging blockchain to create massive stakeholder pools in single family homes set to be converted into AirBnbs/VRBOs. Fair amount of overlap with REITs, but with some distinctions it seems, and then of course there's the "techy" blockchain differentiator.

He's got a Beta app in the works, which I'll be testing in the coming months -- he opened a waiting list for anyone interested in being an early user.

I'm reaching out across multiple channels to aficionados/experts in the space before I get involved any further, so would love any input. Thanks everyone!