A newbie still learning in Milwaukee, WI 53215

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Hello everyone

I am 25 years old living in Milwaukee, WI and want to start my journey into Real Estate Investing. Currently I am still learning the lingo and what it might take to get a property. I want to set a goal by getting my first property by the end of the year or at least the beginning of 2021. My wife and I have have saved at about $20k but we are still debating if it’s enough to use it to get our first property or is it smarter to save more. We hear about first time home buyer programs but we never get much information from them on how to really get started. Ideally I would like to either get a single family or a duplex but I am lost on how really start. What would you guys recommomned?

I recommend starting with a duplex, using an FHA loan (house hack). Meanwhile consume as much educational content as possible. Podcasts, books, courses, and networking are a great way to learn.