Newbie want to invest in wholesaling best source to buyers

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I’m eager to meet other investors to learn this business. I will take any advice on how to start. The pros and cons the do’s and don’t. I have been studying real estate and investing and I’m seeking passive income and financial freedom.

@Etta Moore

Step 1: would be get your finances in order.

Step 2: get involved in the real estate investing community

Step 3: learn as much as you can from those around you, podcasts, books

Step 4: start perusing Craigslist/social media for “we buy houses” ads and collecting their information for a possible buyer list.

Step 5: drive for deals, mail marketing, cold calling

Step 6: once you find a motivated buyer work the numbers and if you can’t make it work for yourself, start calling those numbers on your buyer list and give yourself a little wholesale fee if you’re able to.

Over time you’ll make money and have a network of people you’ve worked with before and your systems will take off.

This is not “the easy way out”. There is a TON of work to do and even more to learn. I suggest finding a mentor and working with them to keep you on track. We all get distracted starting off and it’s a lot better to focus on one thing at a time instead of all of it at once.