Cost of 1031 exchange Alabama ?

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@John Patton , Here's an article we wrote for BP a while back -  We just completed a survey of 80 companies nationwide but haven't released the results yet.  But in general the same trends are present - 

1. Exchanges on the coasts more expensive

2. Attorney exchanges more expensive

3. Best value for the money  and cheapest price- a nationwide QI only service

But it appears that prices have risen a hundred bucks or so in general.

Although your property might be in Alabama any QI with a national footprint can handle your exchange since 1031 is a federal statute practiced the same in all states.

Originally posted by @John Patton :

What is average cost of 1031 exchange cost in Alabama. Thanks

Mine was $750  relinquish, $250 replacement for a pretty vanilla one last year in WA.  

@John Patton , Here's the raw data from my staff.  If somebody writes a new article with this info remember they stole it here first :)

Average: $950

Mean: $900

Lowest: $400

Highest: $2000
Additional purchases:
Average: $310

Mean: $275

Lowest: $100

Highest: $500

@Carlos Ptriawan , yep.  the 1031 QI is an unrelated 3rd party to the transaction.  Their only role is the 1031 exchange.  So you still use all of your regular professionals for sale/closing/etc.  Our work is with the escrow companies on both sides and being the guide for the client.