BiggerPockets REI Summit 2012 is Coming!

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Here we go . . . this thing is official.

BiggerPockets REI Summit 2012 will be taking place in Denver Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center on March 23-24.

This will be an incredible educational, networking, and dealmaking event, and we promise NO "back of the room" speakers

Please save the dates. We will be putting tickets for sale in the next few days on our conference website:

We will also be keeping you in the loop with the latest developments, including speakers, schedules, events on the website.

Once we place the tickets for sale, please be sure to book your room at the hotel, where we negotiated great rates for you. We will provide a reservation phone number and a link on the conference website where you can book. More details soon . . .

Also, please follow and tweet about the event using the hashtag #bgrpkts

Help us spread the word and lets make this the most amazing event for real estate investors and professionals out there!

Wow this is great. BP conference on my birthday. Can't wait!

I can't wait to check this out!

I am really looking forward to hearing more about the speakers, schedules, etc!

How exciting!! Might be "do"able....would love to meet many of you in person!!

Nice!!! Looking forward to see the itinerary!

Sounds great! See everyone then!

Congrats to you and whoever helped you put this event together!

I'm dying to see who the speakers will be.

I hope I can make it!

Looks like a trip to Denver is on my horizon.

Good job Josh. I know how difficult it is to put these things on. Please remember some of us are still horse and buggy type- no twitter, facebook etc. Keep it simple for some of us. Look forward to being there and seeing some faces and hearing some speakers.Rich

Hopefully, I can make it. I probably would need to find my winter coat.

Never been to Denver. Waiting for the speaker list

Will be an exciting event!

Careful Josh.

Some of us are stage hogs. (me included). Actually taking about marketing would be fun. Problem that you'll have is if you limit the back of the room then some won't fly over to speak. There is a fine line between selling and educating. Most promotes are so concerned with the 25% they'll make that greed interferes with quality.

If you have any reservations on speakers I would ask Bill Tanner out of San Diego for his list of not selling quality speakers.

Updated over 6 years ago

Sorry for the friggin spelling errors..

I realize that it still needs work, but we've added some new info to the conference site, including our first set of speakers, info on the hotel, and there's some video on the conference blog.

Swing by and check it out:

We'll be announcing pricing and will begin to sell tickets to the conference soon. Keep in mind that we will be reserving special pricing for the first 100 registrants -- it will pay to be early!

Watch the conference blog for announcement and much more!

Josh! I like the approach. I have been to two conferences this year. The first one was loaded with selling speakers and a few non sellers. The non sellers were by far the best received. They're often miles more credible than a guy that wants to convince you of $1000 at the end of the presentation. I think an approach like this will be received very well and will be something people will make a point of attending. I'm also submitting the name of someone that would be a great speaker as well. Not sure if he's interested in speaking @ BP, but, is worth looking at.

Count me in. I'll be there. Is it still cold in March? I might have to buy a new 'BiggerPockets' hooded sweater before the big show.

Originally posted by Joshua Dorkin:

Nick - I hope we'll have some BP gear at the event . . . it'll be nice to see you IRL

I'll take a 3x black hoodie sweater. While you're at, go ahead and print Motiv8td on the back :wink: