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Hi Pamela,

I am a hard money lender but I don't lend in GA. Depending on how experienced you are. I would start by looking for a hard money lender. They are usually experienced investors and might be able to help guide you as you get started. I would find them by googling hard money lender (or variations) for your area. Bigger Pockets has a directory I would check out first since you are already here! Then I would try the local REIA's to see who the sponsors/vendors might be. while there, I would be networking and asking for referrals from he other members.

True Private Lenders are just that, private.  If you are ready for private money, I would start by asking friends and family if they have money and would be interested.  There is usually more flexibility with private lenders so be sure not to take advantage.  We want it to be Win-Win so they will lend to you over and over again.  We also don't want Thanksgiving to get awkward!

From there, when you have a couple deals under your belt, you will be better at telling people what you do and how well you are doing it.  Then people will be seeking you out to work with and lend to you!

Good luck!

Talk to everyone you know and everyone you meet about what you do.  A few of those will be interested.  A few of those will have money they want to invest.  A few of those will be willing to invest it will you.  Those are your private lenders.

No website has a private lenders. If they are on a website they are not private are they? Private lenders are just that, people who know and trust YOU and loan to YOU because of your relationship. 

PS I see this is your first post Welcome to BP!


Private lenders can be friends and family. Also the term private lenders is also used for hard money lenders. There are many sources on the internet for hard money lenders. Each one will have their own rates and fees. 

Best of Luck in all your ventures. 

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