Lending with my LLC?

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first of all, this is my first post, i am from argentina, after looking many ways to where to invest my money, i think the only one that i felt confident was purchasing a property in USA

i purchased 2 apartments in Miami 2 years ago (115k usd total in that time), in the bottom of prices i think, now they worth 20% more, plus the rent (with a few extra costs, fixes and had to fire a tenant due non payment and pay sheriff stuffs).

the process that we do for non united states residents is form a LLC and purchase the properties as a LLC, we paid some extras at the end of year for renew it but its ok.

the overall experience was good.

but after reading and reading and reading, i became to this great forum, and figured out that could have been even better.

i could had purchase a multifamily property, a big one of 400k usd and do a 25% downtime payment with that 100k that i invested. but i think that i couldn't did that because i don't have credit score or history as foreigner. 

now, if i want to get another property, i have a 2 years formed LLC, with 2 properties that worth around 140k for put in warranty i think, can i lend my next purchase?

do you think it worth it?, you can have many lends as you want, or depends on your score or history of payment.

thanks for reading and for your time i learned a lot from this blog and community :)

You will not be able to get conventional bank financing with your LLC, even US citizens cant get this. It doesnt matter how long you have had it or how many properties you have with it.

You can either find private financing options or in a rare almost UN-heard of scenario a portfolio lender might consider it.  

Good luck

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