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I am a brand new Real Estate investor attempting to set up a buy and flip deal using a Asset Based Lender. I want to make sure Real Estate agents with access to MLS information that is not available on Zillow or other similar sites will assist someone who is not using conventional lending methods and does not have verification of funds. I can get a Proof Of funds but do not have control or guarantee of funding. I am willing to do something nice for their time and promise to use them as my expressed agent on the deal. I have found they are asking things like "How many houses have you flipped and even do you have proof of funds" I know they just do not want to waste their time. But I need to do due diligence in finding out questions like "List of Homes that have sold in the last 3-4 months in this neighborhood?"

This is vital for finding the right house to start with.

 Once I have the right house then I can go to the ABL with excellent documentation and be certain of funding. 

SOOO. ???? How do I approach an agent to ask for help before I am established? And what suggestions do you have for compensation for their time?

Also, I have used Zillow but can not figure out how or if the site can provide homes sold in same neighborhood in last 4 months.

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