What are the rates like for this scenario?

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Hi BP Members, 

For any type of loan at amount over 1M, are the rates higher if the borrower is foreign national for security reasons? and If a foreign national puts a high down-payment for a house in a fast-appreciating market, would these facts lead to or can be negotiated to a more favorable rate? and finally if anyone know the range of the rates for this scenario?

It's going to vary by the asset class type you want to buy.

Generally loan amounts over 2 million you get into more non-bank lenders that view foreign nationals differently.

A more asset based loan at a good ltv with 25% or less down.

Thanks for your reply Joel, do you think if the multi-unit target property already comes with rental income, that the lender could base their decision only on the target property+(%)down payment? Also, do you think that with the same high down-payment, it would be a good strategy to negotiate for seller financing? 

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