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Hi my name is Tyree,

Im really curious as to how hard money,and conventional loans work. I spoke with a lender last week and he is telling me, that my credit checked out ok and i can apply for FHA 203 loan. Meaning i can borrow the money and rehab money combined into one loan. Then im reading info about high interest rates with hard money, i guess im trying to find the right answer for me to do my, first deal.

Please help! newbie..



Hi everyone,

My name is Tyree Hard money, verses FHA conventional 203k loan. Which one isbetter, trying to decide on which one i should use for my first deal. How much down payment for hard money? I believe its three percent down with FHA.

Please help,


If you can get into a deal with a bank loan over a hard money loan, that's the way to go.  The rates and terms are simply better.

However, people use a hard money lender out of necessity because they either need to close fast, or they don't have the credit for a bank loan.  If you're flipping properties, hard money lending (or private money) is the standard.  If you're buying to hold, go for a bank loan if you can.

Thanks Le, i really appreciate the info.

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