How to cash out refinance without a W2?

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Like the title says, I'm curious how full time investors pull out cash after the rehab without W2s?

What lenders do you use?

Or do you just structure your private money deals for a longer time frame to avoid this?

I have private money set up, am finding deals but am curious how to navigate this step.

@Michael McDermott There are lenders who lend based on the asset rather than W2 income.

Search the forums for "asset based lending/lenders" and I am sure you will see people who specialize in that area of real estate chiming in.

Banks are pretty amazing.  They will not approve me for a loan since I have been self-employed since 1998.  They think I have no income.  Yet, somehow, I have been paying my bills since then.

Anyway, like @Michael Noto said, there are lenders that will lend based on the value of the property and not your income.  You should probably look into those.

You can be underwritten by a good bank that will consider your Schedule E or Schedule C income - even capital gains if you have a history of it, with the likelihood it will continue.

Many lender's don't go through the trouble of giving back many of your deductions on investment property. You can get back depreciation, taxes, insurance, and interest that you deducted to compensate. It's a disservice many places enact, when they have telemarketers, and warm bodies in a seat to take your application and don't consider true guidelines and options for investors. keep looking

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