Purchasing vacant warehouse to lease~50% down. Financing options?

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Hello all! I'm new to the community as well as commercial real estate. I like the community a lot and appreciate how giving you all are with your knowledge. This is probably my new favorite forum! Please forgive my ignorance of certain terms/concepts, I'm learning everyday.

I'll cut to the chase: purchasing a ~$800k industrial warehouse for the purpose of leasing out. I have $400k cash set aside for the purchase and need the additional $400k in financing. Maybe $500k if a better suited property presents itself.

Now, my concern is securing lending without any sort of business cash flow on paper. No leasee and not owner user. I'm planning on fixing up the property before leasing it (no financing needed for that.) What type of loan am I looking for?

What I have: real estate LLC funded with $400k cash in the bank. I am lacking financial history due to age and have a mediocre credit score, ~680. I have no loans of any type currently. My partner however has substantial income, north of $500k annually and ~750 FICO. 1 mortgage for personal home ~$5k/mo.

Thanks for reading! 

@Jonathan G.

Does your partner have experience?  Will you have a tenant in, before finishing or do you already have one who's interested in leasing the space?  If you don't, are you going to bring someone experienced on to handle that ?

Those type of questions will definitely going to come into play, but the type of financing you're looking for is a type of bridge loan, either from a private/hard money lender (private investor) or possibly a non-bank private lender backed by other money sources, who's comfortable with what you're doing. The LTV is safe, but you will either need to service the debt out of pocket or have a lender structure an interest reserve. The loan amount is also small for the CRE side, so it'd more likely be a private money loan.

Hopefully this helps.  Contact if need.



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