Hard Money Lenders in SF Bay Area

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Hello BP. I'm on the search for a hard money lender in the San Francisco Bay Area. If anyone has contacts they use and enjoy working with, I would greatly appreciate if you wouldn't mind passing them along.

Much appreciated.

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Though I have not worked with them on the buy side, I worked in the office of this company on two different contract assignments. Their office is in San Rafael, but I know for a fact that they can lend on anything in Northern California and can close deals in under 10 days. Most of their clients are repeat customers (I worked in accounting there, I saw it first-hand), so I´m assuming they´re a good lender to work with.

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Uh, since the link got disabled, perhaps I can just mention the name? I meant to indicate FJM Private Mortgage Fund. I believe Louis Bardis would be the one to contact there.

@Brian Armstrong ,

I can help as I lend in ca. Can you tell me your scenario or private message me?

We would be happy to assist you in SF.  Check my site and send me an email.

@Brian Armstrong

Being a finance broker in Northern CA, there are a bunch of lenders who will lend out in SF and the surrounding bay area. I know you received some responses but I'd be interested in what you're looking for, as what you're looking to do and what expectations are will narrow down the lenders.  It's all navigating the waters, depending on what you're doing.


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