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Hello all,

I am a commercial loan broker and was wondering if anyone has had experience in securing funding from Peach Capital Partners? Just curious to hear about your experiences. Appreciate the feedback - good, bad or indifferent.

Yes I have and nothing good. Mr Thomas Brooks, 6802 Paragon Park Pl, #410, Richmon. VA. present company Peach Capital Partners with 9+previous companies as President &CEO. is interested in upfront deposit fees of $10K for underwriters ect, I paid on 8/31/2015, loan amt $250K closing was 9/29, then next 1-2 weeks, final email on 11/6, he has to take care of paperwork internally and closing will be 11/30/2015. NEVER CLOSED. I asked his assistant via email 11/25 @5:45am how many loans has he closed, she replied @7:30am 'None' she just 3mths on the job and had about five loans completing. He quickly called me Wed 11/25, about 7:58am cst & part of the conversation was he doesn't have any investor and can't give funds that he doesn't have...he is looking into ST loan.Looking for investors is not his interest. Upfront fees and no loans is how he operates & changing from one company to the other. Public information via Google "Thomas Brooks loan scam " tells the story. The FBI needs to take him away for good. Having folks wiring funds in GOOD FAITH and he is a Scammer since 2009.via Public Information. He's not responding to emails anymore. Guess its time to do business under a new company name in preferably in another state. CLOSING LOANS....NOT HIM. HE COLLECTS UPFRONT FEES $10K+, BEWARE OF HIM. HE'S A SCAMMER.



Welcome new BP member - I haven't heard of the company, sorry I can't be of any help. Just wanted to head-up the welcoming party and say happy brokering and holidays to you.



p.s. Oh wow I just realized its a few months old. Still... welcome.

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