I am currently putting together the last bits of a business plan to be able to take to investors who would be interested in investing in some SFH rentals in the Indianapols, North Indy burbs area. I have read and googled a lot about rates and quotes, but most of what I am seeing is from institutional investors on a large scale with rates in the 12-15% range. I feel that this is a bit high, however I need some opinions and advice.

This is not necessarily an ad for those looking to invest to reach out, but more of a request for some knowledge to give me a little leverage going into the process so I am not going in blind.  

I want to know what percentages to look out for, maybe some places to find a little "softer" money lenders, and general info that I may not know to ask for but I should know about when going and talking to private money lenders, especially in regards to the Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, and Zionsville markets.  

For instance:

What are the "good" offers I should be looking for in terms of percentages? (being reasonable)?

What are typical contracting terms (6 months, a year, etc)?

Will lenders give me the full price of the home and the cost to rehab? If not, how should I go about getting the money to do this?

And any other questions that I didn't ask that I should have asked.  Please let me know, and I would love to talk to anyone who can share some knowledge and wisdom (or even talk about working together).  Thanks!