Title Companies in Roanoke, Virginia

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Good morning Roanoke area investors!

I'm in the processing of refinancing my primary residence, and was wondering if anyone could recommend any closers. I'm waiting for a quote from the company my agent suggested we used when I bought the house, but am curious is anyone has had some other good experiences locally. Thanks!

@Ian Lord

I don't know anything about Roanoke Title companies, but I just have to say that you need a middle name that begins with a "D"... That way your name with an uppercase "I" looks looks like a lowercase "L" and you will be 

Ian D Lord

Perfect for a real estate investor... if your middle initial is unfortunately not a "D"  .... I would really consider changing it.


In my last career I was Staff Sergeant Lord, had lots of fun with that one. Especially when I flew with a pilot named Gott (God in German). 

Alas, my middle name is Griffin.