Multi Family Loan for International Investor

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Hi Everyone at BP! I have been reading the posts and gaining such valuable information. 

I would like to ask - for an international investor, what is the maximum LTV for a commercial property like a Multi Family for example? I have some say its $50,000; others say $100,000.

I am not a US citizen but my husband is a US citizen and we live together abroad. 

Can someone please point me in the right direction - what are the terms, rates, tenure? 

What is the minimum they would consider on a commercial property price for financing? 

Thank you all in advance for your help. 

@David Traeger I had two companies contact me for the loan. 

Lending One and Civic Financial Services. They do lend to Foreign investors. You can find them on the BP Marketplace. I haven't used their services yet because their minimum loan requirement does not match my investment needs. Once I find a property more within their loan range, I will definitely give them a try. 

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