Private Money for Ground Up Construction in Portland Oregon

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I am looking for advice or recommendations on a Hard Money lender for a ground up construction project in Portland, Oregon.  

A little about the project:  

Proposed are 6 detached single family homes that are to be on on Tax lot that is organized under a Condo association.  It is in the design phase and I hope to kick off construction early next spring.  

I have searched for lenders and I am currently looking at a few to reach out to but was hoping to get some recommendations from BP members before I did this.

Hello Joseph,

Do you own the land?

there are a few HML that do ground up... biggest issue will be your experience level.

but do check with Seattle funding..  Iron Bridge 

PS I would consider this personally in a JV format

@Bob Green  I own the land but do have a mortgage on existing house which would be paid off as part of the development.  

@Jay Hinrichs Thank you for the names. I have been looking at Seattle funding but had not heard of Iron Bridge. I could be opened to the JV format.

Ok then send me a PM  and we can discuss... we are pretty active in the PDX market I have 40 plus homes going right now.  And I have BANK financing for vertical...

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@Bradley Greenberg I will be in touch.  

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