I’ve got deals...but no financing. Help?

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I run a successful real estate marketing agency based out of the beautiful California Central Coast. Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande area.

Up until recently we have helped hundreds of real estate investors, agents, and brokers get tons of leads using custom websites, Branding, social media...and Google advertising.

Recently we launched a custom built online marketing system that automatically gives potential home sellers the ability to get an instant offer estimate on their home. It automatically calculates a potential offer based on comps in their area, minus our required profit, minus other potential rehab costs based on what the seller inputs into the field. The offer estimate is obviously contingent on a proper inspection.

Anyway...we are realizing that it is much more profitable for us to take local leads and flip then ourself. However we have not had enough time to save cash to be able to afford this, as our average price out here is $675k.

Anybody have any advice? Or any willingness to be the bank for us until we close a few?

Thanks for any advice you guys give!!

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Sorry this posted 4 times! Not sure why

Sorry...I am new to BP. How do I send you a dm?

@Ross Turner Hey Ross, lets meet up and talk I'd be open to team up with you in some capacity. I'll pm you now.

@ben_tilbury ok great!

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