Private Lenders or Investors in DFW? Needing Assistance.

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Hello BP,

I am a local investor in DFW looking for help funding a small down payment on an excellent income producing investment property. I only need a short term loan (roughly 20k) that I can pay back within 2 years max. I have both the income and assets to show for if needed.

A little about my background, My name is Rickey, still fairly new to RE investing. My goal and aspirations are to build a portfolio of multi-family rentals in hopes to build financial freedom. I have gotten off to a great start so far accumulating 2 properties in the past 2 years, need help funding my 3rd this year.

I have the deal structured below, with all my assets:

Multi-family Duplex (3 bed/2 bath) , I can provide address if needed. Asking $165,000 (Could probably get it for 160)

I have $20,000 in cash, need the other 20k to complete down-payment.

2 rentals owned:

Duplex earning monthly $1875

Single-family monthly $462.33

Earning wage income as well.

Again I can pay back the loan in 2 years MAX. If there is anybody that can help me fund and close this deal soon I would love and appreciate to hear from you. Please message me on here or call @ 254.291. 5292.

Thank You All!


@Rickey Wiley have you posted this in the Texas forum?  Also, do you go to any investor networking groups here locally?  Those might get you some answers.

@Andrew Postell I went to one local REI group but they were all hard money lenders. I will try posting in the Texas Forum. If you have any recommendations for private money please let me know. I'll keep looking.

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