How much do mortgage companies pay for buy loans

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Question: my mother in law hasn't paid her mortgage in 4 years. Loan was sold multiple times. I want to buy the home but I don't want to pay 250k for my mother in laws stupidity. My question is how much was the loan sold for on the dollar? What I want to do is call them and tell them and say hey I have 100k (lets say) I will cut you a check for 100k if you release the deed, (AND HAVE IT IN WRITING) like Dave Ramsey teaches.

The reason why I want to know how much the current mortgage was bought for is because it will give me leverage when it comes to negotiations. Does anyone have an idea on how much mortgage are sold for on the dollar? I hope my question makes sense. Thank you.

I love the property but I cant pay 250k for it. She originally bought it for 150k ish and now the pay of is 250k. here is some details about the loan.

First Mortgage

The current total unpaid principal is 112,374.80
Interest at 2.00000: 393.05
Deferred Pursuant to Loan Modification:117,254.00
and other escrow stuff
total: 230,777.19

Second Mortgage

my mother in law said that there is no interest on this loan. They took it of her credit report but they will hold a lien until its paid off.

My mother in law wants to leave this house. There is so much renovations that need to be done because it was not maintained at all. I hope someone can help me with my questions.

None of what you asked matters.  The only way to buy the property for less than the mtg is thru a short sale, and all that entails, and you as a Relative will Not be allowed to buy it in a short other words, not gonna happen.

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