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Hello, a partner and I have been trying to purchase a duplex in west hollywood LA through a broker and it seems that we have been getting the run around/misinformation from him. I was added to the deal to be able to show enough income to get the loan and the broker is saying that because I'm in the military and am not a resident of California that it was an issue. It's a bit more complicated than that because the seller is my partner's sister and their parents live in one side of the duplex. We just found out that all 3 parties have been talking to this same broker on their own. 

With my bit of experience investing now, something doesn't feel right and i feel like the guy is being pulled multiple ways. (I can explain in more detail through PM) I'm trying to find an experienced, honest broker that my partner on the deal and I can work with that is totally outside of this whole situation. 

If you are interested in this opportunity or know a good broker that is, please let me know.


I'm a lender and broker.

Hi @Kellen Canfield , I'm a California real estate attorney and real estate broker.  Initial question is do you have a valid purchase agreement with the seller(s)?  Because if not, the broker could give you a lot of run around and there's not much you can do, unless the broker is your agent.  Feel free to PM me with more info, and I'll see if I can help.

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