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I have spoke with a few different investors on this current deal I have under contract, with a heavy pay day. Most of these people are interested in partnering, lending, or providing some funding to an extent, but not all in. These deals can provide a $200-300K payday. A great return for the Charlotte Area. How do I get these investors to be fully onboard? Or how do I find additional investors/private lenders?

they probably looking to lower their risk. If you have no skin in the game then it's a high risk investment. Remember 100% financing mortgages... they were high risk. If you have no money in the deal and control the deal then you can walk off at any time and have your money investors pickup the pieces.

Find a way to make it safer for your investors and you will find the money 

@Jayme Infanzon


I'm not sure what you're looking for.  Can you go into a little more detail.  What type of property is this?  Purchase price, repair costs, time frame, location etc...

Are you looking for investor money at 100% loan to value of the purchase price?  That money exists, but it's expensive.  If that's what you're looking for, you'll need an exit strategy that's based on the after repair value because obviously you'll be looking at a rehab if you're getting that kind of a "payday" whatever that means (I'm assuming you'll be flipping the property).


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