Buying A Home After Bankruptcy

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Hello All,

I'm looking to a buy a home after claiming bankruptcy about a year ago. I have found a great job and was able to bounce back. I'm available to provide at least 20% of the purchase price.

But after speaking with a loan officer, he told me there were no options available for me until I met the FHA restriction.

Are there any options I have available? Or will I have to wait?

Any help would be great!


with a Ch 7 or 11  BK ...most  conventional lenders / programs require  4 yrs since  discharge before  a new loan is  possible  ...with a CH 13 - 2 years

with a Ch 7 BK ...most FHA lenders / programs require 2 yrs since discharge before a new loan is possible ...with a CH 13 - 1 years ( plus re established credit is needed along with all accounts paid as agreed from discharge date )

there are some lenders  that might offer programs before these waiting periods ...but  these likely have rates  2%  higher than " regular " rates and down payment  requirements  likely higher