What are the most common ways to insure a private lenders money?

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What are some of the ways you guys have secured private money loans, and how has it worked for you? I am working on growing my private capital by $500,000. I have private lenders I have worked with in the past, and still work with currently but they are pretty close to me relationship wise. I would like to branch out to some lenders that arent neceseraly imidiate conections. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to contact, and present information to a lender that isn’t an imidiate contact? Also I’ve mainly secured my private loans with a typical mortgage lien and promissory note. Do you guys have any other ways that might secure a private loan? Thanks!

I logged on to ask exactly the same question...  A mortgage lien and note are surely only one way to handle private money, especially when taking a loan from family / friends, or when a private money lender wants you to keep the loan out for subsequent flips.  I have several private investors lined up with three properties under contract, and am very interested what options are available.

@Jon Dawson . Raises the real estate you’re dealing with to put as collateral, you can also bring in other properties you may have with good equity to strengthen that security for the private money partner